ICE 360° Survey Data Platform

The primary focus of ICE 360° Survey Data Platform is to provide household level, insightful and relevant information on:

  • Economic and social well-being of Indian households

  • Normative measures of social, political and financial inclusion

  • Degree of access to public goods and infrastructure and welfare measures of the government

The surveys will also be India’s only data source that captures the “state of the nation” dashboard on a longitudinal scale, as also capture the state of mind of the Indian consumer, probing their values, perceptions, aspirations, consumer confidence and buying behaviour.

This web based survey data catalogue system serves as a portal for researchers to browse, search, ICE 360° survey data documents and metadata.

The metadata now provided in the archive includes, survey methodology, sampling procedures, questionnaires, instructions, code directories etc. Importantly the archive provides all details of the data files that are disseminated to uses along with case summaries.

ICE 360o Survey Data Catalogue

"National Survey of Indian Consumers" (ICE 360° Survey, 2014)

Household Data Set, India, 2014:

By: People Research on India’s Consumer Research (PRICE) Created on: Jun 17, 2015 Last modified: Jun 17,.

On November 8, Indian consumers were hit by a financial tsunami of sorts in the garb of demonetisation. The notable objective to clamp down on unaccounted cash, however, has given a liquidity jolt and initiated a massive currency crunch. Historically, demonetisation has been used only in extreme circumstances to control income, consumption and circulation of currency.